RRreg: Randomized Response

RRreg allows for univariate and multivariate analyses of randomized response (RR) designs. RR designs are used in surveys to obtain valid prevalence estimates of sensitive attributes (e.g., cocaine abuse) by ensuring complete anonymity of the respondents. An overview of the RR designs available in RRreg as well as examples can be found

  • in the manual: Link
  • Heck, D. W. & Moshagen, M. (2016). RRreg: An R Package for Correlation and Regression Analyses of Randomized Response Data. Under review.

RRreg is a package for the R statistics environment and can be downloaded as follows:

  • by typing install.packages(‚RRreg‘) in an active R session (Link to CRAN)
  • directly from GitHub as explained on the RRreg page (which includes the latest bug fixes)
Please send questions/comments/suggestions to daniel@dwheck.de